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About Yoga... As I am more busy being a mum these days, I decided to write a vague guideline about yoga, particularly for anyone curious to start. I occasionally give lessons, specifically to beginners. I have a network of teachers that I am delighted to connect you with. Please ask if you are interested.

There are many styles, and many different teachers within those styles. Based on questions I hear often here is some info about different aspects of yoga.

Hatha is a broad term. Involves moving through a variety of postures, is the original traditional stem of yoga from which a variety of styles developed. Can be static, holding postures for many breaths, or active, as recommended for beginners by Desikachar, son of the legendary Krishnamacharya “the father of modern day yoga. in  The Heart of Yoga.  Iyengar style, named after the teacher, is very focussed on the precistion of alignment. Alignment is important for the safety of your articulations (knees/shoulders etc).

Power Yoga is more active. It is a derivative of Ashtanga yoga, which I perceive as  a stricter discipline. There are specific series of postures. Series A and B. My buddy Jordan Paul in Brighton knows much more about this.

Yin Yoga uses a far more passive approach, meaning you get yourself into a safe position, supporting your body using props (straps, blocks, bolsters). Then using breath and gravity you release tension by choosing to relax certain muscles.

Vinyasa is more continuous, you move and “flow” through a variety of postures, almost like a choreography. Claire Lalande, Geneva, is great for vinyasa.

Sanskrit is the language of the original postures, some teachers use it, but not all.

Teaching styles vary wildly. Some teachers focus primarily on alignment, some incude hands-on correction, others put out a serious soul-searching vibe, others are light-hearted and bring an aspect of “play” to their yoga, some play relaxation music, others combine rock tunes. 

I would start by finding the yoga teachers nearest to you… 



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